Monday, October 27, 2008

Triple Diamond Energy Corporation Announces Spudding the Fourth and Final Well In Sportsman Lake Field Program

Triple Diamond Energy Corp (TDEC) announces spudding of the fourth and final well of the Sportsman Lake Field Program.

ADDISON, TX -- All four wells in its Sportsman Lake Field Program have now been spud by Triple Diamond Energy Corp. The Texas based oil and gas exploration and production company began the program in August. This is the last well planned for the Oklahoma portion of the program.

The oil and gas exploration company commenced spudding the fourth well earlier this week after receiving regulatory approval from the Oklahoma authorities and acquiring the leaseholds and mineral agreements. Detailed surveys were taken of the area to locate the prime location for the well site and drilling pad.

"This is the northernmost well included in the program. It is located approximately seven hundred feet from the closest well and is about one-half mile away from the well at the southern end of the program," said Chris Jent, Officer of Triple Diamond Energy. (

With the well drilled to an approximate depth of 5,000 feet in order to reach the top of the deepest target formation, TDEC will then begin the process of e-logging the well to define the bounds of the geological formation. They will then determine the optimal oil and gas bearing zones and make a determination as to well completion.

The Sportsman Lake Field program will produce attic oil from Proven Undeveloped Producible Reserves originating in the high geological structure. The area was previously undrilled, however, reports prior to the commencement of the program indicated the large formation contained a minimum of 100,000 barrels.

About Triple Diamond Energy Corporation: Triple Diamond Energy Corp. is located in Dallas, Texas. Privately owned and operated, the oil and gas exploration company is headed by a management team with more than 35 years of combined experience.


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